On November 12, 2013, New Guard America’s owner/founder, Constantine Wilson, was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a long battle, Constantine passed away May 17, 2017. In an effort to raise funds for this intensive treatment, he has started the Keeping the Dream initiative. FTA fully supports Mr. Wilson in this effort and has partnered with him to reach the goal that could save his life.


We are offering these limited edition DRILLSTRONG glow-in-the-dark wristbands to all drillers, in show of solidarity and financial support to Mr. Wilson’s family, in this painful time.


Constantine H. Wilson was the owner/founder of New Guard America, trainer of multiple championship and world class drill teams for over his 35+ year career (including the US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team) and holder of nine World Records in rifle exhibition drill. More importantly, he spent his life devoted to the art of drill. On May 17, 2017, Constantine H. Wilson passed away from a difficult battle against cancer. He left a family, friends teammates and scores of drillers who were inspired by his works, to mourn his passing.

In an effort to help Constantine’s family with the heavy burden of funeral costs, we have created limited-edition gifts available for purchase. With this limited run, you will be one of the VERY few to possess it and know that it’s for a good cause.


“For the Love of Our Art, Eternal”

ALL profits will be given to Mr. Wilson’s wife and sons to help with the costs of his funeral.


Expected Delivery: June 15th

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